Replaced Ford Escort Engine But Now Won’t Start

Engine crank but doesn’t start in my1998 Ford Escort 2zx DOHC. I changed the engine after overheated the old one, keeping the multiple injection and thermostat core with sensors. Was replaced timing belt, CKP, CMP, spark plugs. After workshop with the engine following each test to try to start it, continue without spark and not CKP volts. I need help to start it

Submitted by Manuel

Mechanic JK:
First be sure to check all the fuses. Be sure to double check all you connections again, especially the grounds. There are several under the hood and on the engine. If you are not getting any power to the crank sensor, then you may have cut a wire or smashed a harness during engine installation. You could also have a bad computer. A scan of the codes would be the first step.

Ford Focus Burning Smell

my car was smoking and had a burning smell to it , soon later my belt popped & was replaced but now my car want start up & it isn’t my battery because it was charged fully.

Answer: When you say belt, do you mean the serpentine belt or the timing belt? If just a serpentine belt, then whatever caused the burning smell and the belt popping off may have also damaged something else. If an oil leak caused the belt problem, then leaking oil may have also got into a sensor, like the crankshaft position sensor. You would need to check for spark, fuel injector pulse and fuel pressure to start the diagnosis.

If the timing belt was the problem and it was replaced, it is possible that the belt slipped or the tensioner was not set correctly and now the engine is out of time. If that is the case, then you need to take it back to the mechanic that did the repairs.

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