Ford Explorer Noise In Front Goes Away Turning Right

My 2003 Ford Explorer is making a loud noise when driving. It gets louder as I accelerate but stops when turning right.

I already changed wheel bearing on the front left side but still making noise. Sounds like coming from the front.

If the noise you are having is a grinding type or a growling noise, then yes, this is usually a hub bearing. They will also get loader as you accelerate and the speed of your truck increases. This can be different from a sound that is engine related. A bearing is wheel speed related.

I think that you may have replaced the wrong bearing. When driving straight and you hear it, but then when turning right it goes away, that means the right one is the bad one. Replacing the left would make no difference unless it had a little bit of noise. Then you might have the sound a little less.

This is the explanation: When your truck is driving and you turn the steering wheel to the right, the body of the truck is rolling to the left. That means all the weight of your Ford Explorer is shifting to the left. Thus, the weight is letting off of the right side. With less load on the right side, the noise goes away because the bearing has less weight and load on it. Same goes if you were turning left and noise went away- the left side would be the bad one.

If the left side that you replaced was the cause, then driving like this would make the growl or grind either not change at all or get worse. So you need the replace the other side. Assuming it is a bearing at all, then this will fix your problem.

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