05 Tahoe overheating and no heat inside

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    05 Tahoe is overheating and has no heat inside. I replaced thermostat and water pump, still overheating and producing no heat and now windshield is fogging up, but floorboard is dry.

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    If the windshield is fogging up, then the heater core is leakimg- even though the floor is not wet. But that would not explain the overheating on your Chevy Tahoe – unless it keeps getting very low on coolant.

    If that is the case, then replace the heatercore.

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    Got it fixed! turned out there was an air pocket at the thermostat caused by refilling the coolant too fast!

    what we did to fix:

    remove upper radiator hose and plugged radiator. Held that hose up and then filled coolant at surge tank slowly, very slowly! when coolant was visible in the hose slowly added air to surge tank until coolant came out hose. removed plug from radiator reattached hose then topped off tank.

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