1996 Buick feels like fuel issue

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    Tina schoeb

    I am having a major issue with my 96 Buick and nobody seems to be able to figure out the problem. I replaced my fuel pump and I am in the process of replacing the radiator fan and motor. What I’m experiencing now is hesitation and acceleration coming from a complete stop. Feels almost as if there is it some type of ignition issue or a fuel issue but it is idling very high as well very erratic If I put the air conditioner on too.

    Has never has lost power as of yet and check engine light is not on I’ve had it hooked up to the computer and the mechanic said it’s not throwing any codes he said that he hooked it up directly to the car and drove it and still no codes. What could possibly be wrong with my car it seems to shift into first and second and third OK nothing out of the ordinary. I mean sometimes the engine seem like it’s Reving but other than that I cannot come up with what is going on with this car.

    And my fluids are good transmission fluid good color and doesn’t feel gritty doesn’t smell oil’s good doesn’t smell burnt. my temperature gauge has never raised to make me believe the engine is overheating but it’s just Driving very rough.

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    High idle is usually caused by a vacuum leak. This can also give a hesitation when accelerating from a stop because the engine will be lean for a second because of the vacuum leak. Check that first.

    Next most common problem with hesitation is an ignition system problem. Have a major tune up done to your Buick. Replace spark plugs, plug wires, check ignition coils.

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