1997 Buick gs 3.8 super series II stalling out

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    My Buick starts up and stalls out after a couple of seconds. But if I

    unplug the alternator, it keeps running and drives. What could possibly

    be the problem.? It’s a 1997 Buick gs 3.8 super SeriesII

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    REPLY: That’s an odd problem, you could have an alternator that is shorted out. If you unplug it and everything is fine, I guess I would start by replacing the alternator and go from there…

    Yes Protech thats the first thing i did….this alternator is a new rebuilt one from advance auto….and its the third one …the one on it when it stopped running with alternator i replaced with a junk yard one, of which it also worked but to make sure i bought a new rebuilt one…No its something else.

    REPLY: Well, you’re going to have to start tracing wire harnesses to find the problem. Something has to be shorted somewhere in the wiring, and when you unplug the alternator you are eliminating that circuit. Could even be a bad PCM.

    I replaced the body Control Module, and the ECM, Is the PCM different from these? I understand the BCM is The same as the Brake control Module..These were flashed and reprogramed because the car wouldnt start without the Security control being reprogammned. So Its not the BCM, ECM , or the alternator,,,,,i think Maybe it is a wire broken somewhere but where? Unless i know how and where to look i am lost…I am no mechanic or electrician…..Hard to pin point this so its probably going to junk. I will wait to see if a definite answer may show up…thanks all.

    If only there was someone in my area that could find out where the wires that connect to the alternator go to…. I was going to wire connect all three wires that plug into the alternator and try unplugging just one of the wires at a time and see if just one is going to the problem. Thanks for your suggestions and comments…they may help willis. One other comment….this is crazy but i have a BATTERY that i take out to recharge when i tried running the car…I noticed that the battery is labeled.
    “SECOND” …..is it possible that the battery is feedbacking somehow and neutralizing the alternator, causing the car to shut off? It does take a charge though but with some coaxing from the battery charger…also the battery charger with alternator unhooked in charging the battery reads bad alternator with alternator plugged in but car is not running….I wonder.

    REPLY: Yeah, without actually seeing the car and the problem you’re having, I’m basically out of ideas. I would try a different battery just to see if it makes a difference, so at least you can eliminate that as a potential problem. As far as the wiring, and if you do have a short or broken wire somewhere, that’s something you’ll have to trace on your own. You’re getting into an area where we normally charge a fee for information such as schematic and wiring info. Good Luck.

    Good News: I found a mechanical electrician in Lewistown, pa who took my car in found the problem within a couple of hours….It Was a Resistor located beneath the battery Box for the fuel Pump was faulty….. being ordered from GM and replaced shortly….Problem solved. Thanks All for your helpful comments and concern !

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