2001 Honda CR-V Overheating

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    I own a 2001 Honda CR-V with about 190k miles on it. All of a sudden I had problems with the car overheating while sitting in traffic. Head gaskets, hoses, etc were replaced about a month ago due to overheating/coolant leaking. This worked for a couple of weeks, then had same issue. Was told the head may be warped/cracked. Bought a BRAND NEW head. After the head was replaced, the car lasted FOUR days of driving before overheating and cutting off. If car starts, it takes a while and now white smoke comes out of exhaust. What else could the issue be!??! Do I have another cracked head??

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    If white smoke is coming out of exhaust, there is an engine problem. White smoke is burning coolant, blue smoke is burning oil, black smoke is too much gas.

    Depending on how bad the engine overheated originally, the engine block could be cracked. Not to say that was the original problem, but it sounds like that is the issue now.

    It could have been something as simple a a stuck thermostat, plugged radiator or radiator fan not working to cause the first overheat, now that damaged something else.

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