2002 Buick Lesabre ABS and TRAC lights

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    ABS and traction light came on my 2002 Buick Lesabre. Car had been parked for several days ind the garage. Checked the owners manual then scanned internet for more info. Found your site with the ABS codes, but we were unable to find a parts store that could read the code. Took the car to the dealer mechanic who read the codes with his scanner as C1214. Your site gives the definition of “Brake Control Relay Contact Circuit Open,” which doesn’t sound that bad to fixmyself. The dealer says the EBCM has to be replaced for about $1200. We just wanted to know if this repair is consistent with the code given the very expensive cost of the part.

    RE: Yes, that code is for the relay that controls the EBCM for the ABS brakes. Unfortunately, this relay is not serviceable and is an integral part of the EBCM. So to answer your question, yes you would need to replace the entire Electronic Brake Control Module for your vehicle, which is usually quite expensive!

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    REPLY: Before you buy! try resetting the computer. Remove the abs fuse from the fusebox located usually to the left of the steering wheel in the simple fusebox. Let it set for about 5 minutes then replace and start engine. If the light still comes on, try turning on the switch, then carefully disconnect the BATTERY, then turn off the switch and wait about 10, minutes, then reconnect the battery and then start the engine. This worked for me, no more problems. If that doesnt work then you will probably have to have it looked at by a technician.

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