2002 Ford Escape Hot and wont start

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    My car was driving fine up until I got closer to home. While my foot was on the gas, it started to slow down. I then noticed that it went from being between the C and H to being just in the H. When I pulled over, I turned the car off since it was no longer mobile and checked under the hood. There was liquid substance on top of the engine. I tried starting it back up but all it did was turn over but never started. What could be the issue?

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    When you say it went from C to H I assume you mean the temperature gauge went from cold to hot. That means the engine is overheating. If you see fluid on the engine, then that sounds like you have an antifreeze leak. That would most likely be from a blown or leaking hose. If the engine was too hot, the computer would prevent it from starting.

    Let it cool down then see if it starts. If it does, look around the top of the engine for which hose is leaking and have it replaced.

    If the fluid is gas- you would definitely smell it, then that will also cause the engine to not start if the leak is bad. Get that looked at by a mechanic right away as this is a fire hazard.

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