2002 Pontiac Grand Prix overheat issues

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    Kristin Bentley

    I have a 2002 Pontiac grand prix. I just bought it, it made it 3 miles overheated. I had it towed home. We have replaced the thermostat, egr valve, water pump, flushed the radiator, flushed the heater core, added head gasket fix from BARS, added stop leak for radiator and heater core. Did oil change due to mixed coolant and oil. Started car no real issue, added coolant, dry thick white smoke is coming from engine and tail pipe, no heat still. Seems coolant is clean, oil is clean. smoke coming from back of engine by heater core entrance into firewall or exit from fire wall, unable to determine. Spark plugs look new, engine runs same when distributor caps removed one at a time.

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    White smoke from tailpipe means the engine is burning coolant. Possible blown headgasket, or the upper intake manifold plenum has cracked. We have seen this a lot. If the upper intake (plastic) is removed, you may see coolant in the lower intake manifold. This means the plenum is cracked.

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