Buick Rendezvous hesitation in drive

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    I have a 2003 Rendezvous that just started to hesitate in drive from a stop. It happened 1 time about 3 weeks ago and now on Wed. it is happening everytime I drive it. It runs good in reverse and then when you put it in drive it is like it has no power, rpms seem very high and then once it creeps along and gets to about 20 mph it seems to run ok. but still seems like high rpms. I first thought throttle position sensor, so I replaced that with no luck on fixing it. Any thoughts? My next check will be Mass Air Flow Sensor, but i am not sure if that would cause these problems.

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    Seems like you might have a transmission problem. When you mention that the rpm’s seem high, that tells me something in the transmission is slipping. Reverse would be fine since it’s different gearing, but drive would have the problem. You should check the fluid level first and see if it smells burnt or looks darker than the normal bright red it should be. If the trans is ok, you could be looking at a problem with the ignition, a clogged catalytic converter, poor fuel pressure or volume, etc. If the check engine light is on, get the code pulled and that will help in diagnosis.

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    My Buick Rainer started after work yesterday then i put it in reverse and it stalled. then i tried again then it only kept cranking. i don’t hear fuel pump running so i sprayed starter fluid into intake and still just keep cranking so not just no fuel but also no spark. i tried again then nothing happened no cranking no clicking just silence when i turn key but everything lights up. we tried jumping stater and then it cranked but still no start. so no spark no fuel and no ignition what could make everything stop working all at once?

    REPLY: First be sure to check all the fuses. I believe there is a large black Mega fuse- maybe 150 amps in the underhood fuse box. Would need a test light to check that and all fuses. With the different problems you are having, you may have a bad ignition switch. It feeds power to most of the trucks electrical systems. Try taping on the head of the key when trying to start it. Sometimes this will cause a bad ignition switch to act up or even correct itself. Would also suggest pulling on engine harnesses while cranking to see if possibly a bad connection somewhere.

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    2006 Buick Rainier will lean backwards. Inconsistent it appears fine if left to warm up.

    Thought a bad shock but they do not repair themselves.

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    You have air controlled shocks in the rear, which are probably leaking down after it sits with the key off. While you let it warm up, the air compressor for the suspension is pumping back up the rear shocks which is why it looks fine after a bit. You could have a leaking shock, air line, or bad compressor. More than likely it’s a shock, I’ve replaced many for the same concern.

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