2004 Ford Expedition accelerates

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    Amy Musgrove

    My truck accelerates to 40-45 without me pressing gas pedal. It also shakes a little on the front end when I slow down.

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    Depending on what year your truck is, the throttle cable may be binding up. Or there is carbon in the throttle body bore keeping the throttle plate open and letting it go to idle. If it is a newer truck and has electronic drive by wire throttle, you could have a bad throttle position sensor or accelerator pedal sensor.

    The shaking when braking is most likely a warped front brake rotor.

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    test test test

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    Can the a/c clutch and pulley be removed and replaced without removing the compressor?

    RE: Would need to know what engine you have to correctly answer that question. But as a general rule, if you have enough room in front of it to get the proper tools in there to remove it, then yes you can do it without taking it off the truck

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    I have a 2003 ford Windstar in which i replaced the engine with one out of a 2000 ford Windstar. I am wondering what else i have to change on the van to get it running,like the wiring harness and computer or anything else.

    RE: I can’t tell you any specifics on the differences, but obviously if the harness and/or connectors don’t match up, then you’ll have to change the engine harness and computer. If it all matches, you should be good to go. I’m assuming it’s the same size (displacement) engine from both vehicles, otherwise you will run into problems for sure. It may or may not work, I usually do NOT recommend swapping from different year vehicles, it’s too much trouble.

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