2005 Silverado 4.3 Code P0341

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    I am having issues when driving my truck, around 45-50 mph, it feels like someone grabbed the driveshaft and let go really quick (no other way to think to explain it). I have a P0341 code showing up but i have changed several sensors including the camshaft position sensor, crankshaft position sensor. I pulled the # 3 plug wire off the distributor today and noticed some rust residue. I had just replaced the distributor cap and rotor button in the last few months. I was having the driving issue before and after the distributor cap replacement. Not sure what to do to get it fixed. Could it be the actual distributor itself?

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    You need to check the wires between the cam sensor and the PCM. Tug on the wires right at the connectors to see if any pull out or stretch. Use an ohm meter to check resistance continuity on each wire between sensor and PCM while moving harnesses around to see if the meter goes OPEN. If can sensor is good, wiring is good, then most likely a bad PCM.

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    I have a 2004 Silverado 4.3. It will start but, runs rough and when scanned I got a CSP, CKP, and MAF code. I’ve changed all three still no fix. When I connect the scanner it shows the RPM is erratic. It will be 700 RPM one second and jump to 1,500 and up to 25,000. Could the ECM be bad?

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      Yes, it could be a bad ECM, but more likely a wiring problem between the crank sensor and the ECM. Make sure that the new crank sensor is not causing the RPM jump. Have had some bad crank sensor- especially the cheap aftermarket ones.

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    Replaced the ECM no change. The BCM?

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    No, the BCM has nothing to to with it. Look very closely at the crank sensor wires. Do an Ohm check while tugging on them and look for the value to change. Ohm reading of each wire from the crank sensor to the ECM should be no more than .3 ohms,

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