2010 Ford Fusion 3.0L ECM Issue after engine swap

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    Shane Burton

    I think the ECM may have gone out but cannot be sure. We did an engine swap, and now I am getting all kinds of weird errors on the dash when I try to start the vehicle. Also the reader will not connect, it does have power, but gets a connection error. All of this worked before the engine swap, so I am stumped.

    1. Not trying to start at all.
    2. PATS light is flashing quickly – single flash, then 6 flashes.
    3. Getting the following warnings: “Check rear park aid”, “Service AdvanceTrac”, “Blind Spot System Fault”, “Cross Traffic System Fault”.
    4. The power seats are not working now – fuses are good.
    5. Sunroof is not working now – fuse is good.

    What I have done so far:
    1. Checked all harnesses for bent pins – Good.
    2. Verified all ground wires are connected and tight.
    2. Checked all relays/fuses – Cannot find any that are out, specifically for the ECM. Swapped the relays around but made no difference.
    3. Got frustrated and completely removed the engine wiring harness from the equation – Still the same exact symptoms when i turn the key on (same warnings coming across the dash).

    We never removed the 3 connectors from the ECM, only the two main harness connectors in front of the strut housing for the engine harness and one more smaller connector next to the battery box. I know this is really hard to diagnose remotely, but if anyone has any ideas I am all ears. Thanks in advance!

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    There must be a pinched wiring harness somewhere. Either that or a blown or not connected fusible link. Also be sure to check ALL of the fuses. There is more than one panel in your car. Dont just look at them, use a test light to check for power on each side to confirm they are good.

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