99 grand am 3.4 stalling warm

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    Stalling when is warm or short run. Fuel filter,sparks plug, wires, coils, module changed,clean throttle body,what a problem thanks :(

    RE: Could be any number of problems. Is the fuel pressure going down because of a bad fuel pump? Does the engine have a vacuum leak? Check for a vacuum leak. The intake manifold gaskets are common problem for leaking coolant and vacuum causing low idle. Check the fuel pressure regulator ( FPR ). If that is leaking gas it would also cause the stalling problem you are having.

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    Thank you for fast answer,one leak on top throttle body line go to pcv i seal,fuel pump i think is good .car can do 100k in 10sec. Fuel regulator i had in mind yesterday. On sunday i seal the gasket no more leak.What you mine leaking gas can smell or inside,is located be side throttle body,that one.

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    Hey guys. A 2006 G6 gt, when turn on the key noise from fuel pomp, what is it. green caps on tires, what is it, air or something else,thanks.

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      A noisey fuel pump usually means it is going bad. Green caps on the valve stems of the wheels usually mean there is Nitrogen in the tires instead of regular compressed air.

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    99 grand am EGR valve poss. open could make car stall, FPR looks good no gas leak.car runs good no codes but sometimes stall. What about about a sticking idle control motor? that is what control engine idle. Maybe the crank position sensor is getting hot.

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