2002 Pontiac Grand Am ABS and TRAC Off Lights

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      The ABS and traction control warning lights came on my 2002 Pontiac Grand Am while I was driving and then turned left. Are these two lights related to each other? A have read that on can cause the other problem. How to check for codes on my car? Also, the check engine light has come on and off at times but not usually when the ABS light is on. Any help would be great, thanks.

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      Yes, usually the ABS and traction light are one in the same. If there’s a problem with one, they both set the light on. You probably have a faulty wheel speed sensor or harness. You would need a proper scanner to correctly get the codes stored in your ABS system. The check engine light probably has nothing to do with the ABS problem, but if it’s come on, there is probably a code stored there too for the PCM. If you do end up needing a new wheel speed sensor, they are part of the hub bearing for that particular wheel.

      Guest: Good advice. Checking the harnesses for the front speed sensors is very important. Have seen several times where a mechanic replaced the hub bearing only to find out the ABS light came back on. Sometimes a break in the wiring can be hard to find. The outer insulation needs to be carefully removed to inspect each of the 2 wires. If there is a problem, it can be seen as the wire stretches or has a green corrosion spot on it. You can either repair it or get a new harness from the Dealer.

      Guest: Get the harness from the dealer. Just repairing the wires may only last a little while, then the light will come back on if you do not do a great job of soldering. Most people do not have the expertise to do a good quality repair for the sensor wires, so replacing the harness is best.

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