Ac only cold at idle

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    My ac is only cold at idle or low rpms, when I rev engine up stops blowing cold but the compressor clutch never disengage , Freon level is not low and a humid smells comes from the vents when stop cold

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    Are you sure the freon charge is correct? It is almost impossible to know unless you have drained and recharged the system. You need to hook up pressure gauges and see what they are showing. If the high side is too high and the low side is too low, then you have a plugged orifice tube.

    Depending on the model and year of your vehicle, the A/C could be a variable rate compressor, and that could have a problem internally.

    A humid musty smell can mean the evaporator drain is plugged and not letting the water drain away. This causes mold in the evaporator case and will stink.

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    2015 Malibu keeps killing batteries. My check engine light is always on. Replace alternator and two batteries. OBD said it was a sensor on the negative cable, but that didn’t work either. Each repair and it is fine for a couple days, then dead again. I have to jump it to go anywhere.

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