My Car Dies And All Sensor Lights Came On

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    I was driving my car and all my sensors came on one by one starting with the charging system. ABS went out then power steering followed by rest of dashboard. Car rode horrible for bout 20 miles then died. Took a jump restarted went for bout mile but got stuck in traffic process repeated itself again was unable to get jump. Is alternator the most likely source of my problem?

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    my 2004 cavalier has the service,abs and trac off light coming on. all three lights come on at the same time.everything seems to work fine but the warning lights will still come on .abs is working as it should when i try to slide the wheels.but the lights will come on as soon as you start the engine and stay on even when the car is in park. any ideas on what the problem might be?

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    You really need to get the car scanned to see if there any traction or abs codes to start of with, then it can be diagnosed properly.

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    I have 2003 Chevy Cavalier and 3 weeks ago it wouldn’t start, no lights, dash, interior nothing. Just for kicks i checked all the fuses, none blown, boosted it, and it started, hasn’t had issues until today. Parked for the day, the radio stopped working, then all interior and dash lights shut off, then it died and now will not start. Even tried boosting it. Now the check engine and ABS dash lights are on, without the key even in the ignition, still wont start, pulled and checked all the fuses, all good, and even weirder is the car doesn’t have ABS, but has a fuse in the board. So A) with those dash lights on will it drained the battery(brand new replaced winter of 2010) and what the heck is wrong with the car??? Alternator? messed up ground? Just fried electrical? Help!! Please and Thank you!

    REPLY: Definitely some sort of electrical problem. Could be as easy as a shorted ignition switch, or something more troublesome like a wiring problem somewhere. I’ve seen the instrument panels go bad quite a bit on the Cavaliers and cause strange issues too. If there has been an electrical failure, there could be burned up wiring at some point in the harness as well. Probably needs looking over by a qualified technician!

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    would the ignition switch even stop the interior light to come on when the door is open? and when the key is turned to try to start it the previously mentioned dash icons turn off?

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    It very well could, yes. You may also want to check the negative battery cable where it attaches to the battery tray to ground it to the body. If that is excessively rusted or broken away, you will have quite a few odd electrical problems due to that.

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    hello, i drove my Chevrolet Venture 2002 this morning and got stalled after approximately  3 km, the engine just shut of, I waited couple of minutes and then i was able to start and drive again, only to be stalled after 2 km. That happened approximately  8 times on a drive of 20 km. I did buy some stuff to put in the gas tank, just in case something was frozen, but it did not help. My guess is, it might be the fuel pump. Thanks.

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    I don’t think you have a fuel pump problem. If the pump is bad, you would not be able to start the vehicle and go again. With it stalling out after a few miles, it is probably something heat related, as the vehicle warms up, the problem acts up.

    You could have a bad crank sensor or ignition module, or something along those lines. The PCM could be bad or the wiring to it. Lots would need to be checked, and scanned if possible.

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    Just bought a 05 Chevy Venture with a replaced motor. Battery is good. What else could be stopping it from turning over?

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    It could be a bad starter, neutral safety switch, security / theft problem or wiring to any of these systems. With a motor being replaced, you never know what the guy has left off, damaged or routed incorrectly.

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