Buick ABS Light Code code C1276

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    i have a 1998 Buick century and i have a DTC code c1276 and i need to know how to fix it and what i need to replace thanks.

    RE: C1276 is a problem in the ABS brake solenoid valve for the left front. You could have a problem in the brake pressure modulator vavle assembly. A valve may be sticking or shorted internally, or a wiriring problem in that circuit. You would need a schematic and do resistance testing on the wiring and the solenoid to determine where the problem is.

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    That code is for an open or shorted left front solenoid valve. The diagnosis can be tricky for this problem, as it can be a number of different things causing the problem. The big items that can go bad and cause this issue are the Electronic Brake Control Module, which is basically the computer for the ABS system. Also, there could be a problem with the solenoid valve itself which is part of the entire modulator valve. Both of those parts are very expensive and should not be replaced until they can be verified there is a problem.

    A couple other smaller things that can be faulty can be the ABS fuse is blown or a problem with the fuse block. Unfortunately, you’re probably looking at one of the more expensive parts, since they are the ones that usually go bad. To properly diagnose, though, I would have it looked at by a technician.

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    My 2002 Buick Regal Anti lock brakes make a strange noise from the front. Can be felt in brake pedal. Anti lock brake light comes on randomly. Sometimes just anti-lock brake light indicator but usually along with traction control and service vehicle lights. My mechanic diagnosed left front speed sensor, and replaced it. Was OK for 1 day, but problem has returned. If engine is turned off the lights go out but come back on eventually, usually within a few days.

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    Jimm k


    If the hub bearing did not fix your problem, then the most likely cause is a faulty wiring harness to that sensor. These can be hard to find since the harness is wrapped pretty tight.Need to cut it open carefully and inspect the 2 wires fr corrosio or one being broken.

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    Have seen this quite a bit on the ‘W’ body GM vehicles. The wiring harnesses get some moisture in them since they are exposed to the elements and then corrosion occurs, and finally a broken or faulty wire. You can get replacement jumper harnesses from your GM dealer. They have the same color wires and are easily replaceable.

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    This car, a 1996 Buick Century, was put in inside storage for two years. Now all brakes are locking all wheels. It went into storage with free wheels. When I turn on the ignition, I get a light depicting the brakes but I don’t know what that means as I have not been able to get the brakes to release.
    I am unable to depress the handbrake pedal more than one click and it will pop back by pulling the release handle (one click).

    Any thoughts?

    RE: First it sounds like the emergency brake cables are froze. That is why you cannot press the pedal down. With it sitting for so long, rust may have built up on all four wheels, or the emergency brakes being froze makes it feel like all brakes won’t release. The light on the dash either means that emergency brake pedal won’t release all the way because of the stuck cables, or the fluid in the reservoir is low. You are going to have to get the car up in the air to see which wheels are stuck, then remove the wheels and inspect the brakes.

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