engine miss fire

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    1997 ford mustang gt 4.6 v 8 misss fire replace plugs wire coil packs clean injectors throttle body what is next

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    need to get help trying to find out what is worng

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    It depends on if you are sure you have a misfire. Some problems can feel like a misfire, but are not. Please give more detailed info on the condition / problem.

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    Jean Moore

    I have miss fire random and cylinder 1 and 3 and engine light was flashing.Also oxgen senior bank 2 is loo lean. Now my car car won’t start can you tell me what caused my car won’t start? Please email me

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    A misfire is usually caused by an ignition problem, but with a lean code, you may have a vacuum leak or low fuel pressure. A flashing engine light means the misfire is bad enough to cause catalytic converter damage. Since the car won’t start, have fuel pressure checked.

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      Jean Moore

      Are you a mechanic? Because I see you reply to my messages I don’t want to be rude thanks for replying to my message. One mechanic was telling me that my timmy belt is broken with out checking it by him self he told me by the phone. Another one came to check it and we thought it was the starter we checked it was good and then he checked it again and told me my engine got locked. Am not a mechanic but I know is the miss fire random or oxygen senior bank 2 too lean caused it not to start. When I had the miss fire I changed the spark plugs and coil but not the wire. What can I do?

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        Jean Moore

        Also when I first got my car the Exhaust manifold in front of inside the hood was shaking little bite then it got worst and that’s how I got the miss fire and oxygen senior bank 2 too lean the code

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    Jean Moore

    While my Exhaust manifold was shaking little bite then I start hearing tapping inside the hood

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    OK. Does the engine crank over when you turn the key?

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    Jean Moore

    No it doesn’t start all the light comes on the dash board everything work horn head light all that. But when am trying start it and it trying start but goes back off

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    Jean Moore

    And also my Exhaust manifold start shaking so bad and when I was driving trying make a turn or go straight or tryed to park back wards and it stops and move again. Also the Exhaust pipe was shaking too

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    If the engine is not cranking over, then you either have a bad starter, wiring to the starter or a locked up engine. To check for a locked up engine, put a wrench on the crank pulley center bolt and try to turn the engine by hand.

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    Jean Moore

    This street mechanic told me that my engine is locked cause he tried it with out me looking. Is that a bad thing my engine is locked and what can I do?

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    Jean Moore

    Is it a bad thing if my engine is locked and does it mean my engine is done if not what can I do?

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    If the engine is locked up, yes, that is the worst thing. The engine would need to be replaced.

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    Jean Moore

    At 129miles can a car engine rum out?

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