Ford F150 Transmission Grinding Noise

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    Got in my truck and pulled out of street. Everything was fine. Then I was at the stop sign at the entrance to my street. Getting ready to pull out on a busy road when the truck just wouldn’t go. It felt like I had put it in neutral but I hadn’t. I tried shifting gears to reverse and back to drive and it just kept making a grinding noise. I thought I had accidentally hit the 4×4 button so I turned the truck off and tried again. Same thing only the grinding go worse. Had to call AAA and get it towed to the Ford dealership. I had a feeling there was a problem with the transmission. It just sounded like it. So, Ford calls me before lunch and says they’ve been driving it all over town and up and down 37. No issue. I have an axel coupling that is leaking grease which my warranty covers, so they are going to fix that How the heck does it go from making grinding noises and not moving to running fine? Not quite believing the dealership. What could be wrong.

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    Car Pros


    This happens a lot more than you would think. I get vehicles all the time where I cannot duplicate the customer’s concern, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem. If you heard grinding and the truck wouldn’t move in gear, you definitely have a problem, which could be the transmission. Unfortunately, the tech who is working on it needs to duplicate that problem to be able to determine what exactly the issue is. You’re either going to have to leave it with the dealership until they can get it to act up, or take it back and hope it doesn’t happen again. Usually these problems only get worse with time, so it will probably start again soon.

    There is an inspection cover on the bottom of the bell housing. Take it off and check the flex plate for cracks. Could be the torque converter maybe. Flex plates may be inclined on its position.

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    Tim James

    I have a 2007 F-150 with 97,346 miles on it and the transmission did the same thing.

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