06 Taurus p1000 p0353 rough idle

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    joey shelton

    Here’s what I have so far from chasing the rabbit down the hole…
    New Autolite Platinum plugs gaped .042.
    <2000 miles on Duralast plug wires.
    New BWD ignition coil pack (twice).
    New cats y-pipe with 3rd (Unmonitored) deleted.
    New Bank 2 Sen 1&2 O2 sensors.
    New Heated PCV.
    Vacuum runs 19-21.4 at idle. Drops to 0.5-1.0 on take off then to around 12 to maintain on flat ground..
    Idle in park fluctuates between 650-750rpm.
    Replaced vac line & coupler on the backside of the air intake tube behind the MAF..
    Ran the smoke/propane/water mist tests, no leaks.
    Barely gets up a small hill going 20 with about 50% throttle. All the while stuttering like it has a bad plug.
    Alt & Batt tested good.
    Belt and tensioner good.

    Shows codes P0353(intermittently) & P1000 (constant, no CEL).

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    P1000 is just a code that the PCM has been rest because of a battery disconnect or something similar. The PCM will have to go through all of its tests to clear that one. It is similar to a GM vehicle with I/M flags not passed.

    P0353 – sounds like you have replaced all of the ignition components related to this code. So now look for a bad connection at ignition coil.

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