Gas smelling inside and outside of car

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    Danica Marie Shaw

    Just like the title says. Whenever I on my car (2005 Ford Taurus), the smell of gasoline is in the air. Not that heavy but enough to become a problem. This has been happening for 3 months now. What is the issue that I am having?

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    A fuel leak for 3 months ? You should have taken it to a mechanic a long time ago !
    If the leak is under the hood, this can cause Your Ford to catch fire !

    You need to determine exactly where the smell is coming from. Use your nose to see if it is coming from under the hood, the front of the car, the rear, etc. Walk around the car, crawl under, to try to figure it out.

    If the smell is coming through the vents, then it is a leak under the hood.

    Some possible causes (depending on where the smell is the worst) is a leaking fuel line, leaking seam in the gas tank, leaking fuel injector under the hood, leaking fuel pressure regulator, bad EVAp system vent valve.

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