Injector ticking

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    Jessica Marlow

    I have a 98 mustang 3.8. It has been having a hesitation when accelerating between 1000-2000 rpms. It does fine at an idle but when it pulling it slows completely down and won’t go and then all of a sudden it’s almost like something breaks loose and it takes right off. During it’s episode it does sound like it’s misfiring and hitting on just a few cylinders. We have cleaned everything that we could and also changed vacuum lines. But last night as we started it up there was a ticking sound which sounded like a bad exhaust leak so we stuck a screwdriver to the intake and the sound is coming from the injectors on the passenger side. Any help with the would be greatly appeciated.

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    i asking questions on behalf of my brother he has a 2006 chevy silverado and ‘has been havintg some missing in the engine and he has replaced everything he could think of and he dont know what do plz ,help

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    What you are describing does sound like an engine misfire. This is usually caused by bad spark plugs, spark plug wires or ignition coils. I would start with a major tune up. Other possible causes- sticking fuel injectors, low fuel pressure or a sticking EGR valve.

    All injectors tick, but if it is excessive, then you may have gotten some bad fuel and caused damage to the injectors if you are hearing ticking on just one side of the engine. Are you sure it is not rocker arms ticking? That would be a cam problem, oil pressure problem or rocker arm problem.

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