Jeep Wrangler 2004 won’t start

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    I have a 2004 – 4 cylinder 2.4L Jeep Wrangler that won’t start. When it first failed I confirmed the battery was good (jump start and acc light all turn on) – a few hits to the starter with a hammer got it started again and I was able to get it home. The hammer trick didn’t work again after that. I replaced the starter, but still no luck – no clicks from the starter, nothing. I swapped the horn fuse and relay with ones for the starter to test if it was a bad fuse / relay thinking it was getting power – no change and the fuses look good too. I also tried a jump start in case the battery couldn’t provide enough power, but no luck there either. The guys at AutoZone said that Jeeps of that year have trouble with the crankshaft position sensors and to replace that since it seems that went bad too – I have one of those coming tomorrow. No codes are shown when connecting an ODBII scanner, although I expected it to show a faulty sensor. The car hasn’t been started for a week now though. The connections to the starter look good so unless it’s a bad starter or I messed up the wiring to the starter somehow, it must be the crankshaft position sensor or something else. You can’t wire a starter backwards can you? I’ll try to start the starter straight off the battery tomorrow to confirm, but I can’t image I messed up installing a starter that I have many times before. What do you guys think it could be? Any advice and what else to try?

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    Well, a bad crank position sensor will NOT cause the engine to not crank over. It could however cause the engine to not start while cranking. so that is not your problem.

    If you are sure the battery is good, then it sounds like you either have a bad new starter or you did mix up the wiring. Note: a battery can be so bad that it will not even take a jump start. They can also test good with a volt meter, but not have enough amps to crank the engine over. You need to test the battery with a load tester.

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