MAF Sensor Location Chevy Trailblazer 4.2L

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    Where is the MAF sensor located the truck ?

    RE: here is no Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor for your Trailblazer. The 4.2 engines don’t utilize one.

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    Is there an easier way for me to figure out which coil pack has gone bad in my 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer other than taking it to the dealership and paying $100 for them to run the test on it?

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    MAF is calculated by using the MAP sensor and TPS sensor and engine RPM data by the computer.

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    I’m changing tie rods on a 02 trailblazer do both thread sizes fit 14 and 16 mm?i put a 14 mm wrench didn’t fit over the nut I put a 17 mm and it fit over.

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    Not sure what your question is. Use whatever wrench fits the nut snuggly and will not strip it or round it off.

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    If you just have an engine misfire with code P0300 and you think only one coil pack is bad, just try swapping a new one, one at a time, starting at the front. That one is #1 and is the most common to fail.

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