2004 Buick rendezvous has blown manifold gaskets

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    My rendezvous has 110k and the exhaust manifold gasket on the #3 cylinder is blown. It was misdiagnosed as an internal problem and I couldn’t afford the $1500 to pull the engine. It became obvious it was exhaust after a month or so and the bolts should have been checked on the first visit. I realize the head is aluminum and will now probably have to be built up. I intend to work on that right after Christmas.

    The reason I’m writing is that the car is running very rough and just started generating a constant code P0300. Do you think the 2 problems are related? The plugs are new and the coils check out.

    REPLY: It could very well be related if the misfire is on the same cylinder. You could have burned a valve having the exhaust leak. I would not recommend driving it while it has this problem. You will end up doing more damage and with the misfire, you are dumping unused fuel into the catalytic converter which will cause it to fail and you’ll end up having to replace that too.

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