My 99 Grand Am 3.4 is stalling

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    stalling, fuel filter, spark plugs ,wires, coils and moduler, PCV, IACV,clean throttle body, clean MAFS, temp.cause the problem starts at 60C uo to 80C.when pass 60 stall.when is hot and temperature is going down below 80 stall, when I put foot on accelerator stay and run OK, no codes. No problem runs good at 50k or150k

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    Check the crank sensor, and the wiring harness for chaffing. Could be a faulty temp sensor, too. If you have a scanner, watch the live data and watch to see what falls off at the time of the stalling. That will pinpoint the problem.

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    When crank shaft getting bad car stalling after a while holds you can not start,I can start right away.Stall when you drive,mine not.

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    Check fuel pressure. If it is not the crank sensor, fuel pressure may be dropping, then hitting gas comes back up. There are also wires from crank sensor that rub through near the A/C compressor.

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    I have live data tool,I try car stall,no codes,emission OK,stall 4x temp. 60C to 80C, hold foot on is coming back no problem.There is anything specific in LD to look, at tool is a innova 3130 Thanks.

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