Silverado battery airbag speedo and check gauges

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    Hi, I have a 2002 Silverado HD2500 and a weird thing happened this morning with it.

    While driving the red check battery light came on in the INFO CENTER panel along with warning lights for the airbags, seat belts (even tho I was wearing it) and emergency brake for about two seconds. Then they went off and immediately I lost all the electronic gauges (speedo, tach, fuel and battery charge indicator). The temp and oil pressure guages remained active (I assume because those are receiving info direct from the engine) and the truck seemed to be running fine so I continued on. About five minutes later all the gauges reactivated. At the next set of lights when I accelerated the truck wouldn’t shift from first to any higher gear. I limped home in first.

    I checked the tranny fluid, the level of which looked correct, and the fluid didnt’ look or smell bad. It didn’t throw up a check engine light either so I forgot check if any codes popped up. MAF sensor problem maybe?

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    Could be one of two things. A bad ignition switch, which is cycling power intermittently, either by getting jiggled around by keys or hitting bumps on the road. Or, there is a ground on the back of the engine that often times will break or become barely attached and cause electrical issues like this.

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      thanks man, I’ll check those ideas out…PS – when I got home last night I drove it again and the tranny was cycling up and down it’s gears just fine again, I threw a code checker on it as well and it came up blank

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    My transmission on my ’07 1500 Silverado (new style) started making noise about a week ago like a pump. Only noticeable during idle. My son borrowed it to go to town, and it no longer shifts above 2nd. Automatically or manually. The fluid is still pink (with some dark tinges on a white paper towel) but does not smell burnt. Is this something that can be fixed by replacing filter and shift solenoid(s)? There was no diagnostic code on scanner.

    Thanks much for any input. I’m lost with the new electronically controlled stuff!

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    Unfortunately, your problem isn’t going to be fixed by just changing the filter and shift solenoids. The fluid still being in good shape does not mean you don’t have a hard part that has failed. The only way to really determine what happened is to remove the trans and have it disassembled and diagnosed. If the pump went out, you’ve probably lost many parts inside the trans due to fluid starvation.

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    Having problems getting the truck running. I have fuel and spark. Truck runs when primed with starting fluid. new fuel pump, filter, relay, fuel regulator, ignition module, coil, cap, rotor, timing chain and gears, spark plugs, battery, starter, alternator. why am I not running?

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    When you prime the engine with starting fluid, does it run until the fluid is burned off and then die out or does it continue to run fine?

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