1997 Honda Accord Gas Gauge Problem

Filled up with gas and gas hand went to full and later on gas gauge hand is down pass empty. What has cause this and is this a simply (meaning cost) fix?

Thanks for your response.

Answer: Sounds like your Honda has a bad fuel level sensor/ sensor.

This is a resistor that sensor the fuel level and sends a signal to the gas gauge. If it all of a sudden happened, then you may have gotten a bad tank of gas. Sometimes high alcohol content in gas can eat at an already weak or brittle fuel level sensor resistor. This causes pits, breaks or high resistance that will give a false reading.

In most cars the fuel tank would have to be removed to replace the sender, but some cars have an access panel in the trunk. It all depends on make, model and year of vehicle.

It is also possible that something broke inside the tank. There are things called baffles that help prevent that sloshing sound when driving or turning. If one of these broke loose that can can get caught in the sensor arm and hold in any position.