Check Engine Light P0102- Replaced MAF And Other Sensors

To Whom It May Concern:
I have replaced the following parts:In reference to the P0102 code
1) Plugs and Wires (AC Delco).
2) Fuel pump and fuel filter.
3) Fuel regulator.
4) Air filter.
5) New Battery.
6) New fuel injector (No 1 cyl).
7) Checked fuses (O.K.).

1) AIT (Air intake temperature)
2) MAP
3) MAF
4) EVAP Purge control solenoid

All new vacuum lines. Checked ground and Voltage at connector. Checks O.K. Vacuum Check (GOOD). Check engine light comes on and then goes off for a while. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Code P0102 is mass airflow sernos-MAF voltage low signal. since you have already replaced it and many other parts, you are going to have to look for a wiring problem. Since you did not tell us what make and model car you have, I cannot be too specific, as some cars have certain areas to look at. First thing to check is the wires at the airflow sensor. Pull each one and see if any stretch. This is a sign of broken copper inside the insulation. Usually this will happen right at the connector, sometimes an inch away. Also look very closely at the inside of each terminal to see if one looks spread apart more than the others.

If there are any other codes in the computer, they can be causing your P0102. It does not seem you have any other codes though, so looking at the wires very closely is your next step to diagnose this problem.  Can be a little tricky to find. Do  not pull to hard or even a good one break.  I ask that question because this code can also be the result of a catalytic converter code or vacuum leak, which would set their own.

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