1995 Pontiac Bonneville Will Not Crank Over

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I have a Pontiac Bonneville that will not start.

What year? What happens when you turn the key? Does it crank over at all?

I’ts a 1995 and no it will not crank. I put a new starter on it and a new battery and still nothing i have lights but the gauge is reading around half charge.

Does the theft or security light stay on if your try to crank and then just release the key- not turning it off?

Yes it stays on to crank and goes off when released.

OK. Then you are going to need to check for power at the purple wire at the starter when cranking. You should have power. If not, the it may be a bad neutral switch. Try holding the key on CRANK and shift from park to reverse, to neutral to drive very slowly with your foot on brake to see if it tries to crank.

Tried that.

OK. Then check for power on purple wire.

Now will that just go out with now warning?

The neutral switch can, yes.

What would be the best way to check that maybe an volt or ohm meter?

A test light on the purple wire on the switch. If no power, then most likely the switch. That is about the only thing we see on these.

How hard is it to change if that is it?

Not bad. Pop the shift cable off. 15 mm nut.. Remove 2- 13mm bolts and pull switch up. Put new one back on in close to same position. Sometimes marking the trans where the switch sits before removal will help. Finger tighten the 13mm bolts, attach the cable, place shifter in reverse and adjust switch by turning it until reverse light come on.

Will it be cheap to replace?

I think the switch is about $150.

Now what is the chance this is it because when this started the starter was clicking then the battery was bad i did replace them but now i got nothing. All i have is just lights. radio or air conditioning.

Clicking starter is either a bad starter, or low voltage to the starter. Maybe also check you positive cable from the battery to the starter. Any aftermarket alarms or remote start?

OK i do not have any of them alarms or remote start.

OK. Check the purple wire and positive cable.

ok i will thanks.

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