2006 Pontiac Grand Prix Seconday Air Injection Code

My 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix’s check engine light came on and the mechanic replaced the air pump. The light came back on and now they are replacing a secondary valve tomorrow and they can’t guarantee that’s the problem. I’m already at $600 worth of repairs and it probably won’t take care of it. I have researched this on the Internet and it seems there is a lot of these problems with the Grand Prix’s and still no one can find the problems. I wish there would not be 61 things that it could be with the code P2440. Plus, my automatic remote start will not work when the check engine light is on which defeats the whole purpose of having a remote start in the winter. Any help would be appreciated!!! Any other suggestions before I spend anymore money??

Any other codes besides the P2440?

I think a P0114 too or something like that.

Which engine in your car. 3800 V6, or 5.3L ?

I think its a V6, but not sure.. typical woman really doesn’t know!

LOL. OK. let me look at a few things. Give me a minute or two…

OK. I checked and there are no service bulletins for this code. This is actually a quite complicated system. There are several phases this system goes through and the computer is seeing a problem with the system pressure. If the pump was not functioning, then this would cause the code, so maybe that is why it was replaced. If the pump now runs, but still has this code, the most likely problem is what is called a solenoid valve. This valve has the pressure sensor within it. It could also be a check valve like they are now saying, but that would need to be tested that it actually opens and closes. This is just an educated guess, since I have not done the testing on the system myself.

They are replacing the solenoid valve tomorrow. It looks like this is definitely a complicated issue with a lot of maybes. I hope you are right along with the next step they are trying tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thank You!

Your welcome. Come visit us again.

GM 3800 each coil only fires one plug.

OK. Does it seem to be the same tower that fires on each coil?


OK. What make and model vehicle are you working on?

2003 Bonneville SSEI when u start it it will either miss or it will run fine.

Where are you checking for spark when you see only 1 plug is firing. At the coil tower or at the plug end? How are you checking it? Are you checking each tower one at a time while the other plug is still on the other tower?

With a timing light on the wire.

OK. Best way to check is with a test light about an inch from the tower with the test light grounded. The timing light test can be a little misleading. But by the problem you describe, it sound like a possible bad ignition module.

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