Where Is The Oil Pressure Switch On 1997 Pontiac Grand AM

1997 Pontiac Grand Am V6 – where is the oil pressure switch and do we need to drain the oil first to replace?

The oil pressure switch is located in the engine block, above and little to the right of the oil filter. Basically right above the starter motor. You do not need to drain the oil to replace it, although you may have a drip or two come out of the hole when it is removed. You will need a special oiol pressure sender socket to remove and install it. Best to also disconnect the battery so you don’t accidently arch the positive battery starter cable and cause more problems.

Is there somewhere I can get a diagram of it’s location?

It’s pretty easily found. Did you not understand my description?

Is it on the top or bottom of the engine block?

It would be on the side of the engine block. A little higher and to the right of the oil filter, and just about exactly above the starter.

Got it thanks!

You’re welcome!

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