How To Replace Water Pump On 2000 Cadillac Sedan Deville

I need help removing the water pump pulley on my 2000 Cadillac Sedan Deville. The pulley seems to have seized and damaged the pulley tensioner.

Which engine do you have in your Cadillac?

The Nothstar V8.

The water pump requires a special tool to remove.

I am aware of the special tool for the water pump itself but I am having trouble removing the pulley that works with the tensioner the large pulley that goes into the driveshaft …

You just need to release tension on the small tensioner pulley to remove the belt. You do not have to remove the larger pulley above that. After belt and upper hose removal, then remove the water pump housing and use the special tool to get the pump out of the housing. Easy!

I failed to tell you that the problem started with the car overheating. I lift he hood and the BELT is destroyed along with the smaller tensioner pulley. I’m told it did so because the larger pulley has seized. I drove the car home with no problem other than overheating.

I’ve never seen the upper pulley seize. If it is, you’re going to have take the top part of the engine apart to replace it. I’d recommend replacing the tensioner pulley and water pump and go from there. You’d know if it’s seized right away.

Is it possible thhat the water pump seized and caused the damage to the puley(s). Also, is it difficult to remove the top part of the engine and what would I look for to see if ts seized .. and how do I unseize it.

It is possible that the water pump seized, and I would bet that it is, and NOT the upper pulley. The disassembly and repair of the upper pulley is too much to get into in this chat, as we are closing the chat for the night in about 5 minutes.

I appreciate the help .. maybe we can pick it up tomorrow.

I would really assume your problem is the pump itself. Why don’t you just replace the tensioner, belt, and pump and see if you’re ok after that. I’m sure you will be. You don’t want to have to take apart the engine, it requires many special tools and is NOT for backyard mechanics.

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