1993 Lexus At A Good Price- Is It Worth The Money?

Hi, i’m looking buying a 1993 lexus ls400. It’s going to be my first car and it’s at a good price right now. Only problem is, it has 273,000 miles on it. Is this too much of a gamble considering the transmission might need to be replaced? I know Lexus are supposed to be reliable and all but do you think I could get a year or two use out of this car if maintained well? Thanks.

1993 lexus ls has a lot of miles on it.

If it was well maintained through it’s entire life, you might get another year or two from it. But with that many miles and being 20 years old, that is a real gamble. Anything that might go wrong will be expensive to repair.

It would be hard to get the correct parts, even from the dealer. Finding a good mechanic that knows the older Lexus cars may be hard to do as well. They have certain things that are not like any other car make or model. I would not trust just any local garage to work on this car. You may end up taking it to a Lexus mechanic.

I have a 92 Lexus sc400 that wont start at all.. the battery is fine and the alternator as well.. all my lights and that are all still working.. i do not know what the problem is PLEASE HELP.

Well if you’re sure the battery is ok, you could be looking at a bad starter. Since all the other electronics seem to be functioning fine, that really only leaves the possibility of a faulty starter, a wiring problem to the starter, or a security issue that isn’t letting the signal get to the starter.

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