Lexus won’t go past 20mph

Lexus es300 won’t go pass 20mph and we’ve changed everything.

Answer: The most common cause for a vehicle to not be able to accelerate past 20 MPH is a plugged catalytic converter. When they get plugged, this causes a restriction in the exhaust system and will not allow the engine to breathe. The catalytic converter can get plugged because the engine is running too rich- too much fuel being delivered. This condition will normally cause the check engine light to be on with computer codes stored. Or, your Lexus could have a lot of miles on it and the converter is just worn out. Either way, if this is the problem, it would need to be replaced.

Another common cause is that your car has a fuel pressure problem. Low fuel pressure will cause the engine to not have any power, so the car will not gain speed. There are also many other things that can cause this, so a scan of the computer trouble codes would be the first place to start the diagnosis.

Lexus Timing Belt

Question: I have a 2000 Lexus GS300 I I recently changed the timing belt and seals. The 1st time I put it back together the timing was off so I took it apart again and we did it and I lined up everything. It starts but then it shuts off and I have gas in my oil now. Can anybody help me out with this problem?

Answer: It is possible that if the timing was off too many teeth on the first try that no you have damaged the engine by bending the valves. This is what is called an “interference motor”. That means the valves can interfere or contact the top of the cylinder if the timing is off. hen this happens the valves get bent.

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