2005 Mazda 3 Alarm Sounds By Itself At Night

I own an 2005 Mazda 3. The other night the alarm sounded for no apparent reason. I have had the car for 4 months and this has not happened before. In speaking to the previous owner was told this has happened before with no explanation able to be given. A thread i read stated that a weak battery could be a possible culprit. What are your thought on this matter.

Yes a battery that isn’t fully charged, or too weak to hold a good charge can set off the alarm due to spikes in voltages as it goes down. Also, you could have a problem with the module that controls the alarm functions, as well as possibly a problem with the remote sending phantom signals.

Thank you for the info. I’ll check the battery as it is the original one i did notice the light at night being dulled momentarily as i turned the steering ( electric steering) so the battery could be getting weak Yes?

That’s a very good possibility. If it’s original, I’d recommend replacing it. If you can get five good years out of a battery, you’re doing very good, so now at seven years old it’s time to replace it.

I was reading a discussion regarding a suitable battery for replacement for the Mazda3 with the Optima and a lower priced option being mentioned( Kirkland) As the discussion went the Optima is a very expensive battery if your electrical needs are no that great (no heavy load stereo system) and a Kirkland Diehard would be perfectly fine at half the cost. Whats your opinion?

I always recommend getting the best you can afford. If you can swing purchasing the Optima, you can’t go wrong and probably won’t find a better long lasting battery. I would stay away from the Kirkland/Diehard, you’ll be lucky to get two years out of it. You may want to price a factory battery from a Mazda dealership as well. If you can’t go OEM, then get the Optima.

Thank you for your time and input you have been quite helpful.

You’re welcome.

2005 Mazda Tribute Temperature Sensor

I have a 2005 Mazda Tribute. The rear view mirror usually shows the outside tempature. It does not now. We thought it was a fuse but not so what can we do to fix this.

You probably have a faulty ambient air temperature sensor that sends the reading to the mirror.

Can I fix this myself?

You probably can fix it yourself. You’d need to locate the ambient air temp sensor, which is usually located somewhere in the front grille area, and then just change it out. A recalibration may be necessary, but usually if you drive the vehicle a while, it will reset itself.

1991 Honda Civic

Ny Civic with a 1.6 in i. It won’t start it cranks but it wont start ? fuel goes through maybe the distributor doesn’t work.

Yes you should check to make sure you have spark first.

Yes i checked that pulled the spark plug wire out put a extra one i had on it cranked it but seen no spark so that’s a good sign of a new one ?

No that is a bad sign. You could have a bad coil, or distributor, or just a bad set of wires and plugs.

Thanks for all your help.

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