1998 Mazda 626 Failed Smog Test With Code P0455

I am having to fix a Mazda 626 1998 EVAP gross gas leak, can you help me?

I sure can try…what seems to be the trouble?

Smog failed test, a EVAP system gas leak.

Things that usually cause a large EVAP leak are a loose or bad gas cap, a stuck open vent valve, a bad purge solenoid, or a break or crack somewhere in the EVAP system and lines.

P0455 EVAP control system gross leak detected is what i was told.

Yes that’s the code it would set.

How would i fix this?

Well without some special equipment, you will basically have to guess at parts until you get it right. You really need a nitrogen or smoke machine that attaches to the EVAP system to find the leak. Check that the gas cap is sealing and tightening good. This is a common problem for code P0455 EVAP leak.

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