Mitsubishi Pajero Junior ABS, 4×4 Lights And Car Stalls

My Mitsubishi Pajero Junior has the Abs light on and 4×4 is flashing what could be the cause?

Most likely a bad wheel speed sensor. When this happens ABS is disabled and also the 4×4 system because the computer cannot determine the individual wheel speeds.

Do I need to replace the antilock brake sensor? And also the car just shut down whilst I was driving today, can Abs cause that to happen too?

No,  an ABS  problem cannot cause the vehicle to stall. There are wheel speed sensors for each wheel, and other different sensors. The computer would need to be scanned for the stored codes to find out what part of the system has a problem.

Okay thanks on the speed sensor i’ll have it checked. Any idea why my car just shuts down while driving? it has happened twice 2 days in a row. Today I was doing 80 KM and the car just went off but all the lights on the dash board were on. I pulled to the side of the road and put in in neutral, started the engine & I was on the move again.

That could be a loose connection somewhere, bad ignition module or ignition switch to cause an immediate shut off. Try moving around the wiring harnesses under the hood with it running to see if you can get it to die out. That would tell where a loose connection may be.

Thanks I’ll do that this evening. It’s not a nice feeling driving something that just turns off. I’d hate to be mince meat if it turned off at an intersection.Is the 4×4 light linked to the Abs?

Yes, the 4×4 will not function properly on your Mitsubishi with an ABS problem but cause it to stall.

Whats the best Solution to sort out the ABS light?

Get the ABS computer codes scanned to see what part of the ABS has a problem.

Thanks a million for your help, i’ll check the wires and get back to you tomorrow.

1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Hi. My 95 eclipse is having issues. First started with not starting after leaving it parked, engine would crank but not fire. A few times when it happened that the fuel pump didn’t prime when turning over to acc. Tested spark, was good. Narrowed it down finally to either ASD relay, or actual computer. Replaced relay, fired up every time. After letting the car warm up, the engine would almost die then catch itself suddenly. It would keep running but not at consistant power. Relay problem?
That’s hard to say. If you had an electrical issue that originally caused a relay to go bad, it could have caused other issues as well. I’d recommend scanning the vehicle for any codes that may be stored to help aid in diagnosis. You might also want to check fuel pressure, check compression, and all the usual things like that along with any other possible bad relays or blown fuses. If you had a bad short run through the system, you could very well have smoked the computer.

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