2013 Ford Shelby GT500 Test Drive Video And Review

The new 2013 Ford Shelby GT500 gets a test drive video and review from the experts at Motor Trend. This incredible car makes 662 horsepower from it’s giant 5.8L supercharged dual overhead cam 43 valve V8 engine. That power is more than the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. The output of this engine makes it the most powerful mass produced American car in the world.

Ford has made a lot of claims about what this Shelby GT500 can do, so it is put thought some tests.

First it is put on the dyno. A reading of 583 HP was recorded at the rear wheels along with 590 Lb. Ft. or torque. With those kind of numbers this car should be able to hit the 200 MPH barrier in 5th gear at about 6,400 RPM.  Watch the test to see if those numbers can be accomplished. After confirming the top speed, we need to find out if this car can can do it in the real world. The only way to be sure was to take it to the track.

Top Speed

In order to go 200 MPH you cannot just jump on the test track. The vehicle needs to be thoroughly inspected to be sure it is up tot the task. This include the undercarriage, suspension, tires, brakes, sway bars, all connecting components. The environment and weather also play a role in power production. With the hot temperature and altitude, optimum power will be hard to produce, even with a supercharged engine.

The first attempt resulted in a top speed of 190.7. Not bad for the benchmark with a temperature of 100 degrees outside. The second run got us up to 104 but the heat prevented another drive until the next morning. The last drive got the car to a top speed of 196 MPH. With a longer straight away and lower elevation, this 2013 Ford Shelby GT500 should be able to break the 200 barrier as advertised.

Test Drive

The first thing to check is launch from a dead stop. To tame a car like this, tire temperature is important to get the best grip so the wheels just don’t spin. Spinning wheels might make a nice burn out, but does not help with the launch. To stop a burn out, you have the option of controlling the RPM with a launch control feature. This helps prevent spinning the tires. This combined with traction control does a great job to help this car get off the line fast !

0-60 miles per hour acceleration is reached 3.5 seconds. The quarter mile goes by in 11.6 seconds at 127.5 MPH.

Stopping power is very important on a car like the Shelby GT500. A rating of 60 – 0 came in at 101 feet with the help of ABS bakes.

Lateral acceleration in the figure 8 test produced .98 G’s on average in a time of just 24.2 seconds. You can just keep your foot in the gas pedal and push it to the limit.

Ford says that that the car hit 200 MPH at a test track in Italy. So, Motor Trend took it to the Chrysler proving ground in Arizona with a one mile flat oval to see if they could collaborate this speed. On the way it is noted that this vehicle does not drive on the highway like some stiff super car. It is very comfortable. The six speed transmission makes for only 1,500 RPM at 75 MPH. With the amount of throttle left you can pass anyone without even downshifting.

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