2013 GMC Acadia Review And Video

GMC Acadia Emblem

The 2013 GMC Acadia crossover is related the the Chevrolet Traverse and Buick Enclave. It is a three row, 7 passenger vehicle just as it’s cousins. The Acadia has gone through some changes from the previous model year. The interior has been redesigned, the exterior has a slightly new design and it also has some upgrades to it’s safety features.



The overall shape and feel of the dashboard remains pretty much  he same. Some small changes were made to the look and feel of it. On the Denali trim level, door panel and front dash have a new vinyl material and nice stitching that give a look and feel of real leather. Center controls now have larger knobs and buttons for easier use while driving down the road. The Acadia Denali also has a touch screen radio with navigation and other great features. Of course the truck has Bluetooth, smart phone tethering, USB plug and the ability to connect to the Internet for Apps, as well as HD radio.

Front seats now have Airbags on the seat back that are on the inboard portion, as apposed to the outer seat area. This is supposed to work in conjuction sith side cutain Airbags, and also to prevent both front passengers from knocking into each other in the event of a side collision.

GMC Acadia Exterior

The front grill has changed to a three row design as compared to a single large assembly. The truck still has the large GMC emblem in the center as most all past model years. Headlights  now have an LED ring around the entire circumference of the lamp. The rear taillights have a minor change to their look. The exhaust tips now blend with the back bumper a little more. The back glass now wraps around the entire third row and cargo area. This was done to help give a little more visibility while backing up. The comparable Buick and Chevrolet trucks have had quite a few complaints about this problem of poor visibility. I guess the backup camera was suppose to be a helpful answer, but although it is a nice feature, it just cannot correct that issue.

Engine and Transmission

Available with front wheel, of all-wheel drive. The 2013 Acadia is still powered by the 3.6L duel-overhead cam direct fuel injection with variable valve timing engine. It sports 288 horsepower. Fuel economy is the same at 17 miles per gallon in city driving, and 24 MPG on the highway. This is slightly less that it’s Toyota and Honda competition. The familiar 6-speed automatic transmission is standard.

 Ride feel and suspension remain the same as past model years. Very nice at higher speeds and around town it takes bumps and potholes with ease. The truck is set to be released in mid to late 2012. Price ranges for the different models and accessory packages were not yet available.

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