2001 Toytota Has Several Warning Lights and Burns Oil

I have a 2001 Toyota 4-Runner 2001. The TRAC OFF, Check Oil, and VSC TRAC light came on. Is it safe to drive until I can get it to a mechanic?

The main thing I would worry about is the ‘check oil’ light. Make sure it’s full before you drive the vehicle, or you can ruin the engine. The ‘trac off’ and ‘vsc trac’ have do with traction control and antilock brakes. Those two are ok to drive the vehicle until you can get it checked out, but be sure the oil is ok, and at the proper level before running it long.

I did check the oil and it was fine. Thanks for helping me feel safe! Happy New Year!!!

No problem at all, have a great night!

1995 Toyota Tercel

I have a 1995 Toyota Tercel with 218000 miles. There are no external leaks, but the car burns 1\2 qt. of oil between fill ups. I believe it is the valve stem seals of the #1 cylinder and was wondering if it is okay to replace valve stem seals in only one cylinder instead of all four. Cylinder #1 plug was oil fouled, other three normal tan deposits only.

You can just do one cylinder, yes, but if you have it apart anyway I would really recommend doing all of the valve stem seals. You wouldn’t have to go back and do it again at a later date.

Toyota Tundra

Truck wont turn starter,son left head lights drained battery all dash lights were burning but starter would not engage was blowing ign fuse but stopped now all normal lights do not come on when ign switch is turned on changed starter,ign switch traced all wiring that is possible with pulling engine not fuses are blown so i am all out look at?

Ok, so if the original problem started when the lights were left on and drained the battery….have you tried a new battery yet?

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