1998 Buick 3.8l Felpro gasket kit problem

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    I have a 1998 Buick with series II 3.8l that was using antifreeze so i replaced both upper and lower gaskets and started the car. It smoked bad out the tail pipe and the engine oil turned into a milk shake so i drained it and put new oil in. I filled the radiator and let it sit overnight and checked the level in the morning to find that the water level went down substantially. I also opened up the drain plug and straight antifreeze was coming out then oil. So i removed the plenum to look at the top gasket and there was yet again antifreeze in the 2 and 6 cylinder chamber by the valves. Did i miss something in the Felpro gasket kit? I do have a few o rings left over.

    i did take it back apart and have the right gasket for the top. Tomorrow im going to take the intake manifold off and check the lower gasket for leaks. I did put the metal gasket that Felpro offered and torqued them down evenly. Could the lower gasket cause this problem or the top or for that matter both

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    Mech man


    You could have installed the gaskets wrong, or got the incorrect gaskets all together. You’re going to have to take it all apart again to check and see, unfortunately. If the coolant and oil are mixing, there is definitely a problem with the sealing, or lack there of. Hard to say exactly without looking at it in person, so you’ll just have to try and find where there is a problem with the gasket.

    Either the upper or lower can cause this. If you have the correct parts, something had to have slid out of place during re-installation, or something is missing all together. Make sure you have everything lined up properly, torqued properly, etc. Make sure all the seals and o-rings are in the upper intake as well.

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