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Auto Repair Labor- Warranty And Book Time

I thought I would write something about how we, as mechanics, get paid and make money. Most of us that are qualified as Journeyman Technicians, get paid by the book…

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How To Get Year End Model New Car Deals

Just a quick post to talk about all the year end new car deals. This is a really good time to buy a new car if you’re in the market!…

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Expensive Mechanics Tools Required To Repair Your Vehicle

Here’s a big one that we as mechanics are always unrecognized for…..our tools! The everyday average person has no idea of the equipment and tools needed these days to repair…

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Car Repair Problems For Mechanics

Car repairs can be tough on a mechanic. Auto repair on cars and trucks for a living can take it’s toll on you. After years of sevicing all makes and models,…

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Auto Repair Customer Do’s and Dont’s

After writing my last article, I had some thoughts on some other things that the everyday dealership customer should know. When you bring your car into a dealership for repair,…

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