An Auto Mechanic Gets A Vacation From Fixing Cars

So, not very automotive related but I’ve had a well deserved break this past week. After fourteen months, I finally have gotten a week off. It’s been a long year, and then some! Being in this business, you definitely need to step away from it for a while whenever you can, just to clear your head and get rid of all that work related stress.

I was able to take a little trip, and do some fishing with my father, which I love. The weather was great and the fishing was even better. That always make a little getaway even nicer! Then I spent the rest of the week with my family basically just relaxing, which is usually hard to come by around my house, LOL! Also, with fall being right around the corner, I had some opportunity to get some things done around my home, run some needed errands, and finish some projects.

The time sure does fly by when you’re on vacation, unfortunately, and now another work week is almost upon us. I’m sure there will be some new and crazy customers, or problem cars that I’ll have to deal with and have plenty of material for new articles next week. Hopefully all of you out there enjoy reading my articles. I think this is the only place you can actually get the point of view from a real dealership technician, the highs, the lows, and everything in between!

One more thing…’s amazing how clean your hands get after not working on cars for a whole week!! That will all change by about 8am tomorrow….  ;-)