2009 Buick Enclave Warranty Repair I Was Charged For

Is the coil pack (No. 3) covered under the 100,000 mile power & drive train warranty?

What year and model vehicle do you have?

2009 Buick Enclave.

Yes the ignition coil would be covered under the powertrain warranty at your dealership.

So why was I charged $160.00 labor cost and told that it was not covered at Dublin Buick GMC. How do I go about getting this fixed?

Did they give you a reason for the charge? There could be some reason your vehicle is out of warranty. It should be fine on the 5 year limit since it’s a 2009 model. How many miles do you have on it?

It had 85,139 miles. They did a water pump replacement two weeks prior which was fixed the following codes P0300, P0303, P0306 diagnose as needed. looks like the mechanic moved the coil to another piston which moved the misfire to that piston.

And I’m assuming the water was covered under warranty, correct?

Yes it was. Now the power steering pump is winding. Ever since I took my car to this dealer I have to keep taking my vehicle back. Should I just find a different dealer?

That might be a good idea to try a different dealer. Any GM dealer can service your Buick. You might want to talk to the service manager to find out why they charged you for the coil. It should have been free under normal circumstances.

Thats what I thought but I wasn’t sure at the time. It just seems odd that I had the oil changed at this dealer and then the water pump goes out, my power steering pump fluid was low and now it is winding. Would the Rack and pinion be covered under drivetrain warrenty? They told me the inner tie rod loose and found rubbing noise coming from steering rack & pinoin stub shaft housing. I was charged $80.00 dollars labor for that diagnosis.

Depending on the problem, the rack could be covered. The tie rods and/or stub shaft are not covered.

Thanks for the Information!

You’re welcome! Glad to help!

GMC Envoy Temperature Gauge

I have a 2002 GMC Envoy my temperature gauge with out of no where drop to ”0” from 100. My water level is good and i got heat still can some one let me know what is happening.

You have a faulty coolant temperature sensor. That is what controls the gauge. Replace it and the problem will be fixed.