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Lately at work, there has been an increase on vehicles coming in for recall work or other safety issues. Usually, this is normal, but the past few weeks have seen a rise in recall repairs that are more than a year or two old! Just today, I had a Chevrolet Impala that came in the shop for two different recalls that were over two years old. This means that General Motors had issued a recall on a certain part or parts that needed to be fixed that long ago! Why are they just coming now? This is a trend that happens a lot!

Now, if I had a vehicle, and a recall from the manufacturer came out, I would be getting it handled right away! These people that wait or never get the repairs done are just asking for trouble. There is a recall for a reason! The car manufacturer has determined that a problem exists with a certain component or area on the car and is addressing it with the recall. Most times, recalls are fairly quick repairs, either replacing a known bad part or preventing something from breaking or malfunctioning. When you continue to drive without having those issues properly addressed, you risk damaging your vehicle or risking the safety of the passengers inside it.

There are two sides to this story, and what normally happens with older vehicles and older recalls is just this: The vehicle maker will send repeated notices to the owners of cars and trucks for a related recall or safety concern. Sometimes these notices even go out years after the recall has been issued. We’ll get a bunch of cars or trucks come into the shop for a very old recall, and all the technicians will usually say to each other “They must have sent a new round of notices out”. Past owners or current owners will hopefully get the letter or card from the manufacturer and get in to have whatever repairs are needed done.

Another thing to add here, just like these ‘older’ recalls, you may be watching the news or reading the paper or perusing the internet and hear or see something about a ‘new’ recall that is coming out for your particular vehicle. All the time people will call the dealership and say they’ve heard about a certain recall for their car or truck and we have no idea what they are talking about. Don’t let the local news show, or various internet articles scare you. If there is indeed something that warrants a recall on your vehicle, you will be hearing personally from the manufacturer. Usually a letter describing the problem and how to go about seeing your dealer to get it fixed.

One piece of advice I can offer you. Always take your vehicle in for any recall or safety notices as soon as possible! You’ll be extending the life of components and have a safer vehicle to drive around in. They are recalls for a reason, so get them done!

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I have a 2006 Chevrolet Impala giving Engine Hot A/C Off reading on dash. Had it checked out at the dealer and they changed a sensor but now it is doing it again.

Do you know what sensor they changed? Or if there was a trouble code stored in the computer? That info should be on your receipt, if they did not tell you.

One of the temp sensors on the head. Don’t know about code. I’m going to have my regular mechanic take a look at it.

Ok good luck!

Thanks for your help.

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