2003 GMC Yukon Dash Gauges Not Working- Recall

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My 2003 Yukon XL (Suburban) with 5.3 motor and 70k miles has no power to any of dash gauges. The truck runs and operates fine, but the radio, heater controls and dash lights work fine. No gauge activity at all. All gauges are at the zero mark. I believe I have checked all fuses at left hand corner of dash, under dash and the under hood fuse box. I installed a new battery also. Any ideas to help fix this is appreciated.

Sounds like you got all the fuses checked correctly. May be that the cluster itself is bad. You would need a scanner to see if you can communicate with the dash to see if is functioning. Try tapping on top of the dash to see if you can get it to come back on. There is also a recall that may still apply to your truck. It covered several years of GMC and Chevy trucks. GM will replace the part at no cost to you.

Just call your local dealer and give them the VIN number of your vehicle and he can look up in the computer to see if the recall is still in effect. This normally is about a $400 repair, so getting this checked is well worth any trouble.

These are common. Had the same thing on my Chevy Tahoe. The dealer repaired it for free. Only took about an hour and a half.

I know this is an new reply to an old post, but for anyone looking for answers to their cluster dying this may be helpful.

This is a common problem and on the 2003 models GM has issued an extended warranty to cover this problem. It may cover other years, I not sure though. A Google search should provide some answers. The extended warranty was for a period of 7 years or 70,000 miles.

They will replace your gages if they die during this period. If you paid to have them replaced during this extended warranty, you may be eligible for a reimbursement. The dealer have the information about this warranty.

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