2001 Chevrolet Suburban ABS Activation

Wheel bearing also know as a hub bearing. This is a front hub. On most cars the ABS wheel speed sensor is part of this. On many trucks, the sensor is seperate.

My 2001 Chevrolet Suburban has the ABS brakes kick on when I come to a stop…most of the time. I have been told abs speed sensors or EBCM module. My ABS and brake lights don’t work. they aren’t on and don’t come on even when I start the car. From your experience what is the more common problem and why are my lights not working?

Usually a problem like you are experiencing is due to a bad wheel speed sensor or hub. Although with neither the red brake light or orange ABS light working, that makes me thing something could be wrong with the EBCM.

Do you know where I would check to see why the red brake light or orange abs light aren’t working? Could the bulbs just be out or were they unhooked by previous owner to fix the problem when selling?

I would first start off by getting any codes out of the system. Even if the lights are off, you should still have set a trouble code. If someone removed the bulbs, you would know immediately. If you cannot communicate with the EBCM, you know you probably have a bad module or wiring problem. If you thing someone may have removed the bulbs, you can always take the instrument cluster out and check.Wheel bearing also know as a hub bearing. This is a front hub. On most cars the ABS wheel speed sensor is part of this. On many trucks, the sensor is seperate.

Thanks, the gm dealer did scan…they didn’t provide me with codes, but said that ABS brake control module needs changed at $1400. I don’t go there often, so I felt like they were trying to get $ from me. I’ll try getting a second opinion.

Sounds good. The EBCM is an expensive repair for sure. If you do end up having to replace it, I would highly recommend spending the money on a good GM part. If you go the cheap aftermarket route, you’ll be replacing it again and again.

2004 Pontiac Aztec

I HAVE A 2004 Pontiac Aztec, at first I noticed a slight humming sound while driving, we figured out that one of the tires had a nail in it. So, we replaced all four tires, now the humming is louder and my wheel shakes. Can think mean I need to get them balanced and rotated, or is ris signs of a ball bearing?

Well the vibration is a sure sign that they were not balanced correctly when you got the new tires installed. The humming noise, however, could very well be a bad hub bearing.

Yes, it was a set we bought from someone, not a place, so I’m sure they need balanced, how can I check to see if the humming is the hub bearing?

So the hub bearing would make the humming but not the shaking correct?

If the tires appear to have good tread life left and are not worn looking or worn to the touch (you can rub your hand across the tire and should not feel any bumps or ‘feathering’) then you can bet it is a hub noise. You’d have to have someone look at it to determine which one it is, but more than likely it is one of the front hubs, as they go out more often, correct.

OK. Thank you.