Ford Taurus Used Car Transmission Failure

So my shop took in several Ford Taurus vehicles for our used car stock. I was to inspect and re-condition them before they went up for sale. Normally we take a quick test drive, check out how it feels, the brakes, any strange noises, A/C works, windows and locks, etc. The funny thing about all of the Ford Taurus- the transmission went out on every one of them during a test drive ! That’s all four cars !

I called a Technician friend of mine at the local Ford Dealer and he explained that they have a big problem with the 2002 and 2003 model year Ford Taurus transmission and other vehicles. The torque converter fails and causes internal damage to the rest of the transmission. The problem was fixed in the 2004 models.  Well, no wonder the manager got such a good deal on them at the auction.

So now I have to replace the transmission in all these cars. That will keep me busy for a while. I wonder how much my shop is actually going to make on the sale of these cars with the cost that they purchased them for, and the new- (O.K. – used)  transmissions.

Every Ford Taurus had over 120,000 miles on them, so if you are in the market for one of these Ford’s, be sure to take a long test drive and get that trans. good and hot to be sure it is OK.

1993 Ford Bronco

Truck will not go into 4 Low, suggestions?

Is it electronic shift or manual shift 4WD?

Electronic shift.

And does 4 Hi work normally?


Ok, are you putting the transmission in neutral before shifting to 4 low?


Can you tell if the transfer case is actually trying to shift into 4 low when you do this? Or does it do nothing?

Does not try to do anything and no light. I can hear it “click” on the fuse panel going into 4 high but nothing on 4 low.

Well, something like this can be a few different things. It could be something like the transfer case control module, or switch assembly. The encoder motor on the side of the transfer case could be broken, or you could have an internal problem inside the transfer case. This would really need to be checked out in person by someone.

Thank you very much!! I am female and very passionate about my vehicles!!

No problem at all, hope this helped!

Ford Bronco Wont Start

I have a 1994 ford Bronco 5.8L 4X4 Eddie Bauer Edition; when I got this truck about a month ago, the previous owner had told me that the transmission was bad! I was OK with this as I have a replacement trans!Anyway the vehicle ran fine before I got it & when I got it home it was running fine! it was completely out of transmission fluid SO I filled it up Started the motor and shifted it down into reverse and revved it up some it did not engage but felt like it wanted to !! then I dropped it down into Drive and revved it up some and again no movement but it felt like it really wanted to!!

S0 I shifted it into reverse 1 last time and revved it up a little and it just shut off!!! since then it has not started at all!!! I don’t know if the transmission had anything with it dying or not… NOW it just turns over!! I HAVE NO SPARK AND THE FUEL PUMP ISN’T PUMPING!!! I checked all the fuses and their fine Also I have replaced the ignition control module (ICM) and the coil pack!! but still no spark or Fuel every now and then I can push the fuel pressure valve on the fuel rail and a little bit of fuel will dribble out but other than that no fuel at all!!! I have done all the testing I’ve read on line and everything checks out!!! MY FATHER AND I ARE COMPLETELY STUMPED!!! & QUITE FRUSTRATED TO SAY THE LEAST!! AND THAT IS WHY I AM HERE NOW!!! Got any Ideas?? do u think the transmission has anything to do with this?? we tried to get the check engine light to flask cods by crossing 2 wires in the OBD 1 outlet under the hood on the driver’s fire wall but nothing!! PLZ help!!!???…
Jim Smith